The Cackle Shack

Central Illinois' favorite comedy destination is back!

Friday, May 3rd
@ 8:00 PM | Bloomington

Eastland Suites Hotel is proud to bring you The Cackle Shack, Central Illinois’ favorite comedy club. Featuring world-renowned comics in Bloomington.

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Mike Armstrong

Bob & Tom’s favorite Ex-Cop

Described by those who know him as the real life version of the Southern Gentleman, Mike Armstrong can best be described as the perfect best friend that you just met.

While he was working as a police officer in Kentucky, Mike was encouraged by his fellow officers to give it a try at the local open mic night and ended up winning $300 his very first time on stage. It wasn’t long before he started making a name for himself and was occasionally working as an opener, warming up the audiences for the Crook & Chase Television show. Because of his unique talent for improvisational comedy, he became a regular on The Bob & Tom Radio Show and will forever be known as the Ex-Cop on The Bob & Tom Show. (Mike will forever sing the praises of Bob Kevoian and Tom Griswold as a huge reason for his success in the comedy world.) Mike has appeared on HBO, Comedy Central, Fox and CNT as well as opening for major musical acts such as Michael Buble, Alan Jackson, Tracy Lawrence and David Allan Coe (just to name a few.) In addition, Mike was a consultant and actor on the hit show, “American Dumbest Criminals,” and has made cameo appearances in shows such as “Zena, Warrior Princess,” and “Vice.” The list of all that Mike has done and appeared in could go on for days. Mike has a knack of being in the right place at the right time, and that coupled with his natural comedic talent in improve and observational comedy, he has been very blessed in his entertainment career.

One of the most iconic themes of Mike’s shows is that they are family friendly – meaning he does not cuss, is not vulgar and does not talk about politics and sex. His shows are full of hilarious real life stories of family life, police life and just plain living. When asked why he has kept his shows like this over the years, Mikes response is always that when he first started out, he was just mindful of the fact that he didn’t want to put on a show that his Grandma wouldn’t enjoy and that philosophy has worked out great for him throughout the years.

When he is not on the road, traveling across this great country of ours and making people laugh, you can find him at home in Kentucky, enjoying a very blessed life with his wife Petra, their five children, numerous grandchildren and fur babies.

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Friday, May 3rd @8 PM. | Bloomington, IL

The Cackle Shack

Bloomington, IL

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